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Amazon / formula E Branding

The goal of this project was to design and brand a Formula E car, driver, and truck that is sponsored by Amazon. I used this project to not only brand a Formula E team, but also as a device to rethink amazons branding. Amazon's current identity is simplistic and professional, but it lacks character. I made an interesting connection between Amazon and bees that became the conceptual direction for this project. Bees are natures distributors, and have a huge role in the ecosystem. Just like bees, Amazon is a mass distributor that plays an important role in modern society. Bees are also sustainable creatures, relating to Amazon's values of being a sustainable company. Amazon is not a simplistic company and needs an identity that shows the overall connectivity and impact the company has, using bees to tell that story.

By using bees, Amazons brand image transforms into a more friendly message, allowing it to be more approachable. 

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