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Ride Unique

Brief set by: VBAT, and Superunion (submission for D&AD New Blood competition spring/summer 2020)

Design challenge: "brand a bike hire system for a city of your choosing"

Studying abroad at Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham, UK), and by physically being there I was able to gain insight of what the city's current bikes were lacking through talking to locals, and experiencing it myself. Their current bikes are limited and very cookie cutter looking, not to mention uncomfortable. Nottingham is upbeat, diverse, and unique to itself. I noticed there was a lot of graffiti while walking around, and even met up with internationally known graffiti artist DILK to gain insights of the local art scene. With all of this in mind I came up with Ride Unique. Ride Unique personalizes the riding experience, collaborates with local Nottingham artists and businesses, providing a bike hire scheme that reflects Nottingham as a city, and incentivizes people to bike more

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