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Brief set by - UNTOLD Studio, London UK

Design Challenge - "celebrate an artists from the history of XL Recordings"


I chose Tyler, The Creator. Through research I came upon the idea that it had been 10 years (2009) since he released his first mixtape, and a decade is something to celebrate. A 10th year Anniversary was the center idea around this project, and it included an album, limited edition Tyler donuts, shoes and apparel, and instagram promotional concepts. I used the donut as a device to pay homage to his beginnings with Odd Future and its donut logo. The best part of this project was probably making the donuts from scratch to use in a photo shoot for the limited edition album cover design. The album concepts of donuts in the sky or in a field comes from the idea that Tyler has transformed as an artist of the past decade. Listening to his old music and comparing it to his new you couldn't have expected that, just like donuts in the sky. It just goes to show his abilities as a musician and human. So let's celebrate 10 years!

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