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Motion graphic projects

During Fall 2019, I began to learn after effects in a motion graphics class at MSU. Since then I have frequently used after effects for projects. 

Senior Capstone Project: This clip is one part of my senior capstone - cross branded promotional campaign for the Red Hot Chili Peppers up coming album. This video could be seen as a T.V. commercial or a social media post promoting this event and the partnership between RHCP and Oceana. 

Class Project: Animated Title Sequence for the snowboard film, "Art Of Flight". The project was to design and animate two production logos, a title, and the title sequence. We could not use video footage for this project, but instead the goal was to communicate the tone of film through graphics, and sound.

Music Visual: I created this for my twin brother who produces music. This is for his song, "OH". These graphics are intended for a concert setting.

Music Visual: I created this graphic using the letters A and V considering their graphic components and shape, incorporated with transparency. 

Poster Animation: I created this animation for a multi media company that is based in San Francisco. They were hosting a Halloween party, and this was used for their social media pages.

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